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Gates sends duty field 10 words of new personality
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1. Life is inequitable, the habit goes accepting it.

2. This world won't care about your self-respect, this world expects you make success first, go emphasizing oneself feeling again.

3. You won't have from opening school 1000000 firewood, you won't have the vice president of the mobile telephone namely immediately, both you must rely on hard to earn come.

4. If you feel your boss is very fierce, waited for you to became a boss to know, the boss is ensured without working lieutenancy.

5. In fastfood inn decoct hamburger is not to spoil his, your grandparent has completely different definition to decoct hamburger.

6. If your accomplish nothing, not be the fault of your parents, the fault that can not make to oneself only so croaks, go learning from inside the mistake.

7. Before you are born, your parents does not resemble so bored now, because busy move pays your expense,they become is so, wash your dress, listen to you to boast you have many marvelous, save in you so by parents before this selva that acting person destroys, the room that arranges oneself first.

8. Have possibly in the school beat the home and loser, premature to say still however in life, the school may find correct solution to your opportunity ceaselessly, not be completely however in real life so return a responsibility.

9. Life is not semester make, life does not have winter vacation, employer has fun at without which assist you to search ego, the free time that uses oneself please does this thing.

10. What TV performs is not real life, the everybody in real life should leave coffee hall to go to work.

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