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One sells the route of miserable to apply for a job that chief inspector is in B
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Leave limited company of Beijing BR pharmacy (feel sorry, give person stationary point outer part, did not say true name) , the stone that approached 10 my months together was put down eventually. 30 general medicine, prep above of cost price case is congener product retail price is very severalfold, difficulty of the sale that enrol business cans be imagined. I am the chief inspector of the 8th sale that this company establishs 6 years to leave, sweat!
Live or want continual, work or should search. In the past is to ride an ass to look for a horse, apply for a job this to more or less have some of in fear and trembling, but think these year working experience, hit in this industry go all out a few years 10, find oneself has compared day of tall obtrusive boy from a heart, harden oneself became a more mature profession husband. Hearten then in " future does not have care " and " China person of outstanding ability " resume was published on the website.

Be worth end of the year, unit of invite applications for a job is not much, sent a few 10 units in succession, also receive the interview announcement of these units in succession, began my by a definite date the to apply for a job of a month is itinerary.

Most the telephone call that receives firm of head of a hunt first, one calls Tianjin 10 thousand outstanding selling manager of whole nation of invite applications for a job of center of sale of Beijing of limited company of medical apparatus and instruments, the young lady of hunt head firm emphasizes repeatedly, although not be the position of sale chief inspector that you hope, but the sale that also is responsible whole nation, salary is good also oh. Hear the word of that young lady, hesitated a short while, no matter say how,thinking is an opportunity, go. Come to this company, those who recieve me is manageress of a of human affairs ministry old surname, the job that listens to me experiences the introduction, old director says, actually we had had countrywide selling manager, we still are in action district selling manager, hunt head firm closed us many money, commendatory person is not quite nice, enrol district director in order to enrol the name of countrywide selling manager so, you will become district director, organic meeting rises job after. Say to show a sly smile. I listen to have bit of dizziness, when going out, bump heavily on vitreous door.

The 2nd is perfect (China) share of medical science and technology. In on the west 4 annulus battalion sought 1 many hours hard near intelligent temple, it is finally in an alley, have a 6 layer buildings, resemble a steam building a plant, the place that Otto and golden cup are full of at the door was found. Abhorrent is to inform me to say is perfect edifice when interview, be killed so that my neck looks at acid. Recieve a young lady to have quality very much, got on me please 2 buildings, filled a list, take one caboodle data to look to me. Watched half hour, a moment ago distain clear off, the family is abroad appear on the market company, hainan has two companies, mesa has, jilin has, future will have 300 breed 5 years to appear on the market. Those who give me interview is a figure dumpy, a jumbled curl, be like the lady that just woke up, thrusting ask a question, often contemptuous hum. After 20 hard minutes, get tomorrow the announcement of the second-round exam.

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