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Apply for experience of treasure clean exam to talk not to see mathematical prob
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At present is undergraduate obtain employment the season that apply for, I apply for Bao Jie first half of the year this year, a the middle of a month, patience behead the 6 written examination interview that will carry one round another round, the mood of the sort of nervous excitement still is experienced can clearly now.

Apply for Bao Jie, basically be following order: The application on the net -- disposition checks -- difficult problem checks -- English holds course of study in the palm to take an exam (TOEIC) -- first-run interview -- final interview. And my experience is a little extraordinary however.

The application on the net wants to be referred to server of headquarters of treasure clean United States, my campus does not go on the net at that time, run technically to the Internet bar, application discovers suddenly to the half hand over English resume even, then the 2nd day applies for afresh again, the passageway of the application on result net has been shut. By Bao Jie the regulation is in on the net after application inside 24 hours, american headquarters just can test mettle in inscribing the email that sends you, I did not do not have the opportunity that disposition checks on application, need not want to continue to apply for again more went down. Because announcement of invite applications for a job still has two talents to arrive obviously,apply for date of expiration, I think many times, hearten the staff of invite applications for a job that gives Bao Jie the company made a telephone call finally, final the chance that I got attending written examination.

Written examination cent of Bao Jie checks for difficult problem and English holds course of study in the palm to take an exam two parts. Before one kind introduces treasure clean whole world edition of Chinese of current examination questions, basically be to inspect mathematical computation and Chinese to read. And TOEIC of the exam that entrust line of business is to be invite applications for a job of each large transnational corporation, promotion talent offers English to check, take pair of examinee seriously to use English below business affairs environment the test of practical capacity, because this is so-called " commercial TOEFL " .

What exam of treasure clean invite applications for a job begins above all is difficult problem test, content is the computation that waits a moment about sale, cost, increase rate entirely, and information basically gives out with chart and form form, want oneself to find out useful to you number, additionally still a few is mix about company culture of management concept read understanding. Although the title is simple but problem quantity and computational amount are amazing, 50 problems requirement answers inside 55 minutes, ask basically one minute to do a.

Without thinking ground begins to immerse oneself in suffering to press a calculator like I and everybody. But after calculating a few problems, although rely on a calculator to also will surely not answer all titles on time,I feel, discovering what actually a lot of answers give again right now is not exact number however approximate number. This let me think of to had read an article about MBA before suddenly, say inside " estimation " mix to the leader the policymaker is a kind of all in all ability, come with estimation below the condition that can blur in information decision-making, often be the key that decides success or failure. Then, I try not to undertake to the title below fine calculate, however from substantially estimation a limits, discover several problems to be able to use this method to get the result directly as expected.

Next Bao Jie delivered examination paper of two pieces of English again, there are 3 problems only above, carelessness is the leadership that chooses 3 example to be able to prove his respectively, ability that solves a problem and innovation ability, time a hour, complete English replies. I know later, the main content of the interview after the thing that these 3 problems write will make your day, the younger sister of division of junior fellow apprentice that after I offer a piece of advice, plays people conscientiously ground replies with his personal experience, must not make up. Because inquire into the root of the matter with Bao Jie the interview style of type, if what you write example,not be what you are personally, you can be examined minutely to get feel too ashamed to show one's face, very awkward.

Our answering question ends after a hour, bao Jie also published the personnel list that checks into course of study of start going to a nursery directly, I am passed smoothly. Calculate a number, this round fell into disuse near half, remain 28 people to enter written examination below one round only.