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To apply for a job mights as well the defect that speaks oneself
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One is in at ordinary times school performance is not superior, the undergraduate that also does not have how many specialty servantchooses a person for a job to the interview that the unit enters to apply for a job, the person that comes round to attend interview is very much, competition is unusually intense also. But of extraordinary is, he is in resume of his to apply for a job, listed oneself not only the advantage reachs award with a few honor that obtain during school, return ego show up one's fault, the such as that exists the individual works the patience with necessary lack, disposition is a little impatient and like by rule, do not be good at communicating association to wait for defect with the person, write on resume for nothing obviously.

The manager of department of company human affairs of interview of responsible invite applications for a job saw the resume of to apply for a job of this extraordinary, ask this undergraduate: "Why don't you add your defect conceal the ground to be written on resume, do you reject with respect to the demerit that is afraid that unit of choose and employ persons knew you to recruit you? " unusual calm answers this undergraduate sincerely however: "The person does not have perfect man, gold does not have pure gold, the person is faulty, like there still is sunspot in the sun with bright no less than. I think, let unit of choose and employ persons know his drawback is mainer than knowing a merit even, and speak out oneself weakness only, ability has determination and courage to go give up! Ability has determination and courage to go give up!!

Heard his concise and simple answer, manager of human affairs department says gladly to him: "Congratulate you, boy, we need you such talent, you were admitted by our company! " such, one is brave in to speak him from personal defect, rely on genuine conquer other competitor, show itself, found gratified flexibly the job.

The recipe with this undergraduate successful to apply for a job is not other, depend on his genuine calm however, depend on his character charm. Because make unit of much choose and employ persons be when talent of invite applications for a job, the record of formal schooling of the person that want check to apply for a job not only and ability, see his advantage and strong point, the morality that should value him more is behaved, value the manner that he plays for the person.

And in to apply for a job, to win the good impression of unit of choose and employ persons, increase the assurance coefficient of to apply for a job, some people dare not expose his weakness not only, and pack in elaborate scheme, show oneself advantage and window as far as possible, beautification and the certain weakness that mask oneself. Some is adopted even certain wrong step, practise fraud, had not become a team leader, write however had been duped monitor, did not win some kind of honorary title, take the false certificate that buys illegally from the market to act as however. Once this kind of practice that deceive oneself as well as others is servantchoosed a person for a job unit get behind, its are undesirable and sequential it is self-evident. Practice makes clear, sincere letter is a kind of goodness that be an upright person, the person that tells sincere letter won't be in an unfavorable situation forever.
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