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The company does not get do sth without authorization to remove work contract
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Example: A year ago, some service sends a company to send a few employee such as Mr Zhang a content to shed a business, this content after 5 months sheds business operator to be missing, employee did not have the job. When the person such as Mr Zhang returns a service to send a company, chief says, nobody uses your word, the relation of you and our company also ended.

Clew: " labor contract law " sent the form that use worker worker to make a standard to the service, include send unit and the labor contract that the laborer that be sent concludes to make special provision to the service. Stipulated the service sends an unit to ought to conclude with the laborer that be sent 2 years especially the contract of fixed deadline labor of above, pay labor reward by the month; The laborer that be sent is in during having the job, the service sends the minimum wage standard that the unit ought to set according to seat people government, pay reward by the month to its. The obtain employment that assures the worker that be sent thereby stabilizes rights and interests.

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