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Do the most foolish stuff in the company
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Mention Yang Li, everybody the preferment that exclaim of all without exception creates at her is mythological. After high post graduates, gather in the undergraduate students the stage recieved the big company of graduate student group once upon a time make, next with the speed like the rocket, the throne of sectional manager was ascended inside 3 years. Be dash forward the superhuman strength refine that come outstanding intelligent, fluky still lucky, everybody opinionses vary. But I know, the stage arrived once upon a time manager, she is the most foolish employee in the company all the time.

1. The to apply for a job with opportunity the most foolish favour person

Yang Li graduates that year, obtain employment situation is already grim arrive even the undergraduate the degree that everybody highs oneself. Scattering after issueing a few to apply for a job to believe, very much not easily a company had a response, but when Yang Lixing ground of in a state of excitement goes interview when, discover however already 40 much people are putting undergraduate course before record of formal schooling gathers in company door with all sorts of certificate, competition is almost intense arrived the degree of fight hand-in-hand. Had entered first try and interview, yang Li entered last rounds make an on-the-spot investigation: Jackaroo 3 days in manpower resource ministry. The minister left Yang Li a job, the company the partial file last year liquidates classify and archives is built to save in personal computer.

However, busied one day in Yang Li later, the bad news was transmitted before coming off work, urgent announcement suspends head office new employee of invite applications for a job. "Is this to make fun of us! " the other student that joins an exercitation runs to ministerial office to express dissatisfaction in succession. Until before coming off work, terribly defeated minister just sent the student of the last be indignant, return the office, discover Yang Li returns busy in the file that form a pile move however.

The minister says politely: "Feel embarrassed really, let you work one day in vain. Do not have method, this is head office temporarily decision... came off work, fast come home, you will come tomorrow. You will come tomorrow..

Yang Li stands up, say: "It doesn't matter, it is these files only I liquidated an in part, if change,want to begin from the beginning again into others. work did not work do not be free from anxiety in the heart, I will come again tomorrow, enough morning. Enough morning..

Classmates say Yang Li is foolish, exert oneself for nothing to the family with its, still be inferior to making the best of time to seek other job. Yang Li just laughs slightly, when leaving midday the following day, those who stay is a platoon bound good folder and a neat archives.

After two months, to apply for a job time and again be rebuffed, the Yang Li that can make short-term work in small shop only received a telephone call, that ministry swat comes, say to before the company has position to invite her now, be applied for. Original, the minister is in when reporting case of invite applications for a job to company director, special the expression that mentioned Yang Li. The manager is opposite this " the most foolish to apply for a job person " impression is very deep, demonstrative minister left her connection way. Finish when the company adjust, employee of new invite applications for a job when, the first phone makes the head of a department to Yang Li. such, in the look that admires in the classmate, yang Li stepped the entrance door of this company afresh.
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