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The undergraduate is additional kind of to apply for a job careful play talent c
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Competition of to apply for a job causes talent show

The times nowadays is to advocate the times of individual character, in competition of intense with each passing day to apply for a job, traditional inherent pattern is already dated in a lot of person eyes, additional the heat of kind of to apply for a job is climbed quickly litre, and beside us, 0 firewood, give calling card, " face of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " etc the undergraduate is additional means of kind of to apply for a job again and again exposure, and serve as a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success " talent card " strong also nowadays blow " additional kind " wind. These this year's graduateses people riveting became sufficient interest does sth unconventional or unorthodox, have greatly do not earn eyeball oath endlessly situation, the hope borrows this to help his make a central point very quickly from inside all living things, win more interview opportunities and employ odds.

The talent that a lot of students hope to use his moves enterprise, a few student union that like writing choose to give a book, zealous orchestic can make show of an individual special performance. Small Zhaotong learns this year's graduates that the reporter interviewed Beijing University English to fasten, she tells a reporter, she from last year the end of the year begins to prepare to apply for a job. As to expenditure, xiaozhao shows helpless smile: "Beautiful money says less to also must have had thousands of, do not calculate the expenditure that buys dress, cosmetic, do one's hair for interview first, I am English department, at ordinary times philharmonic, in holiday, I contact recording studio transcribe only music of a few English, expenditure pours secondarily, basically want to leave deeper impression to unit of invite applications for a job, increase the chip of bit of competition to oneself. Increase the chip of bit of competition to oneself..

The reporter understands, home Xiaozhao belongs to estate of firewood of average worker worker, parents had taken pain to quite for these a few years of universities on her, have not wants to encounter again apply for this one " consumption closes greatly " . And the result that asks its apply for a job, she laughed helplessly again: "It which have is so good that which have search, but this money also must get a flower, competition is so intense, do not spend more cannot find good job. Do not spend more cannot find good job..

Why oneself are fond of when are undergraduates being applied for suddenly " is talent performed " ? The reporter understands, at present the pattern of interview of invite applications for a job of the enterprise more and more " face-lifting " , official of be in charge of an examination has been satisfied at asking a few very fundamental questions no longer. Xiaoyang is this year's graduates of major of advertisement of Beijing industrial and commercial university, in short time, she had attended interview 56 times, she tells a reporter to say, after interview, alternate with of their classmate each other communicates, discovery now such as " how do you sing? " " what musical instrument can you play? " many classmates had been asked these by unit of invite applications for a job " strange " problem. When her head is asked to perform talent, have bit of v/arc teach a child to read and write, sang, "Originally I still like to sing quite, but look up,see so much take an examination of an official to staring at me to look, confused look, sang a few, brain a blank, libretto also is written down disastrous. " she says, "What learn because of me is advertisement major, some talent are in most propbably the find sth useful in a few circumstances, I am planning to want to practice well now. Be opposite actually this I am very helpless also, but good to find job, can wrestle one wrestle, talent is revealed useful I am not clear also, more or less a bit perhaps can be use. More or less a bit perhaps can be use..
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