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The undergraduate abandons serve as a shop assistant of 300 thousand yearly sala
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V/arc be on the throne at Xi'an road around bright and beautiful brightness store 3 buildings, dress of about a hundred brand sells a division, the assistant reachs hundreds of people, but latter and attentive client discovery, this floor appeared exclusive a male that sells a female clothing does business. The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, so this undemonstrative male assistant is from famous brand the university just graduated not undergraduate of a few years, and he is willing abandoned what preparation goes back to the motherland to do poineering work afresh after the yearly salary of 300 thousand yuan of RMBs be in Japanese well-known company, and the monthly pay of this assistant job that he chooses just 1000 multivariate.

   The idea contends a month, he decides to abandon going back to the motherland to do poineering work again with high salary

Liu Kui grand is an one hundred percent " 80 hind " , he was 2006 from Dalian manage is versed in the university graduates, learned major is make 5 years " mechanical production automation and its Japanese aggrandizement " professional, abbreviation " Electromechanical foreign trade " . Liu Kui grand is Benxi person, parents is labour firewood estate, in those days parents helps him choose this major, it is good to value perspective of this professional obtain employment namely. As expected, he learns graduation hind 5 years in the university, be gone to smoothly by pitch on of Japanese Ni Sang company limited Japan is engaged in a car designing the job. After working more than one year, although he earned the yearly salary of 300 thousand yuan of RMBs, dan Liukui grand feels he is not happy. He likes to be engaged in " with person contact with " the job, the car designs the job and his profession ideal to have very big conflict. So, after he works more than one year in Japan, through a many lunar idea contends, final decision abandons this high pay, go back to the motherland to develop afresh.

  Ideal is the high-grade dress brand that owns his in the future

The reporter understands, after Liu Kui grand goes back to the motherland, because cummer pursues the matter of software industry in Dalian, also company of a few software finds him, open the monthly pay that give to be in 8000 yuan of above. But after he goes to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen waiting for a city to make an on-the-spot investigation one time, feel he prefers garment industry. Of course, liu Kui grand knows, oneself are very shallow still to the understanding of dress, want to blend in this industry truly, have to rise from basic level doing.

For this, after answering Dalian, liu Kui grand is to arrive to the high-grade clothing store such as store of happy, hundred years city, friendship observes Mackay secretly and learn first. Begin, he is to pretend to want to buy the clothes first, listen to an assistant to explain dress; Waited to be familiar with with the clerk, he is flat staying in these inn everyday, the person that sees different age, different sexual distinction likes the dress of what grade, tonal, design. Liu Kui grand tells a reporter, second half of the year came 2007 this year first half of the year, he has sat all the day in store of clothing of 100 brands on Dalian, had looked...
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