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Construction work chief inspector
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Coastal estate develops big talk initiate on the west limited company
Date of invite applications for a job: Branch of invite applications for a job of 2008-09-28 ~ 2008-12-27: Do not be restricted
Contact: Mr Sun / Miss Li workplace: Hainan province
Connect a telephone call: Close to see about, decline incoming telegram fax:
Email: (send intent of to apply for a job through the system please)
Number of invite applications for a job: 1 person record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course
Working fixed number of year: 5 years above sexual distinction asks: Do not be restricted
Age requirement: 18 years old arrive 60 years old
Interview notice:

Position description:
Hold a post requirement:
1, record of formal schooling of above of relevant and professional undergraduate course, advanced above title;
2, 8 years construction of above spot engineering manages working experience, 5 years large real-estate project manages above experience;
3, familiar control the relevant and professional knowledge such as project of installation of water and electricity of the professional knowledge of the respect such as project building design, structure, understanding, adornment, gardens project;
4, the legal knowledge related adroitness control building;
5, the standard of major of familiar construction project, be familiar with estate technological process, stronger cost controls capacity;
6, have stronger organization to coordinate communication ability to reach outstanding guide group ability.
Firewood fulfil standard: Yearly salary 300 thousand

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