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Hainan man Tian Nong endowment limited company
Communication address: Trade of nation of city of Hainan province big talk road of 3 horizontal strokes

Position of invite applications for a job: Clerk
Position number: 112747
Date of invite applications for a job: Branch of invite applications for a job of 2008-09-27 ~ 2008-12-27: Do not be restricted
Contact: Not young lady workplace: Hainan province
Connect a telephone call: Close to see about, decline incoming telegram fax:
Email: (send intent of to apply for a job through the system please)
Number of invite applications for a job: Do not be restricted record of formal schooling: Technical secondary school
Working fixed number of year: Need not requirement of experience sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Age requirement: 20 years old arrive 60 years old
Interview notice:

Position description:
Development of the product sale of each city county, market, client safeguards responsible corporation Hainan wait for the job 1. Record of formal schooling of above of technical secondary school, agriculture, market or have relevant and professional finish school; 2. The work is rigorous and painstaking, individual character is composed, can hard-working, have the spirit that respect property and good hold morality of course of study, stable working state of mind; 3. Farming endowment the person that sell experience is preferential; 4. Can grow Hainan each city county works;

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