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Shallow the skill that talks about performance assessment
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Before executing performance to examine system, answer to do to adjust to the administrative layer of the company first, make an assessment, consciousness of success of skill of manner of work of this assessment cent, work, work efficiency, job, group, communication ability, cooperate impression of ability, employee a few respects, assess administrative layer clear first only, adjust reached the designated position, employee just can believe your performance examines system, ability can coordinate your work, just also can arouse an enthusiasm again.   

Industry need builds effective performance to examine a system according to the characteristic of own enterprise, but the most important is performance assessment is built go up in quantified foundation, and the subjective evaluation that cannot be faintness. If the business of the enterprise sells property, can mix according to the sale of employee sale gain will build quantified assessment system is; If the property of the enterprise is of type of production, the design such as the different manufacturing job that needs to be assumed according to different post place and percent of pass examines a system. The result that normally circumstance suffix follows grading system is not ideal (the circumstance except that quantifies easily to writing down a job to wait) . Although built standard grading form, still want finally to give a mark through the person. The proposal is divided into lesser group according to working property, undertake assessment to different group by leading sector, it is a foundation to be given a mark to panel member by the group leader with this. Leading sector puts power adequately to the group leader, the group leader of the member that let understand each small composition more assumes more responsibility.   

A good assessment system hopes to achieve such goal certainly: Be felt to be acceptability by the personnel of assessment, assessing a person to feel is exercisable, the company feels OK to encourage employee to work hard. Achieving afore-mentioned goals at the same time actually is very difficult. The commonnest result, who be dissatisfactory. So performance assessment is done bad to still be inferior to be not being done good. The enterprise of a 100 much people, want to build an assessment system to must consider the goal that good preparation achieves. Subjective judgement of the director can contuse the enthusiasm of employee, that is problem of his level of management, need more grooming.   

   Perfect assessment system should include at least:   

1, what detailed post duty description reachs pair of worker pay is reasonable groom;   

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