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Test HR runs welfare strategy mid-autumn
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  Does welfare extend to build a distance to there is many with culture of group construction, company far?

The 3.12 % that choose multiform gam and the HR that dine together to take this second investigation respectively and 2.2% , choice “ gives a branch funds, the HR that the branch organizes an activity to celebrate ” is 9.11% . The summation of 3 welfare form is only 14.43% . This gives the ignore with our politic to welfare HR in the reaction on certain level. Dine together or be gam photograph to other forms of any a kind of welfare, more expend HR people energy, but this kind of form is enterprise and employee undertake communication a kind very means. The industry cannot provide possibly to employee as a result of feasibility condition welfare award of material, but can deliver an intention through gam or the form that dine together. The HR that chooses these two adds up place occupies scale to be only 5.3% .

Staff is large to diversity welfare demand, incentive effect is good

To mid-autumn of welfare extend form, the participator of this second investigation people the view that has all sorts of differring. For example regards only welfare as extending form moon cake only to the Mid-autumn Festival, the informant of most above did not offer the affirmation of positive obverse side. They think, welfare should be diversity, knockdown mid-autumn. On one hand the traditional festival that the Mid-autumn Festival regards China as, moon cake is indispensable should send. Besides, also should consider the welfare form of other. If netizen Ekinxiaolu thinks: This integral demand situation that still reachs employee according to the company undertakes means has been compared comparative which kinds of welfare. Netizen gentleman at thinking: The personnel that the company can reach a situation to distinct category is offerred different mid-autumn welfare, be like, to crew meeting choice sends moon cake, the personnel of outer to the home ground can organize a party, to in high-level administrator, the boss can be arranged dine together. And Wchengfeng2002 thinks, besides hair moon cake, still should have a holiday.

We also see at the same time, the welfare that the company that has had a lot of is trying to use diversity is politic (look from findings, the scale that chooses to combine welfare form is 31.08% , occupy whole proportional 1/3) , this is built to Chinese enterprise complete and welfare management system of the system, executive strategy has important sense.

Welfare the action to an enterprise is long-term, of exert a subtle influence on, the welfare strategy of the enterprise affects employee to be spent to the faithfulness of the enterprise directly. Each want to obtain sustainable existent enterprise, should regard whole managing as main component of the system welfare strategy. Give employee with greater power, let an enterprise achieve greater progress. Of course, this needs a course, in this process, photograph of system of the administrative level that how reachs Chinese type management Chinese traditional culture and west to had matured, management is united in wedlock, the controller that is us needs a faced challenge, also be us the real problem that each HR controller should consider. Place of fool of Qingdao of netizen of no less than tells: As traditional festival, objective and cash extend increasing now, but it is how old and worth while that the psychology that brings to employee actually feels the bottom has go deliberate.
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