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Sell a director
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Limited company of Hainan stage rich food
Communication address: Hainan is saved China dragon of sea route justice is villatic 14

Position of invite applications for a job: Sell a director
Position number: 112690
Date of invite applications for a job: Branch of invite applications for a job of 2008-09-27 ~ 2008-12-27: Do not be restricted
Contact: Miss Wang workplace: Hainan visits big talk town
Connect a telephone call: Close to see about, decline incoming telegram fax:
Email: (send intent of to apply for a job through the system please)
Number of invite applications for a job: 2 people record of formal schooling: Technical secondary school
Working fixed number of year: Need not requirement of experience sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Age requirement: 18 years old arrive 60 years old
Interview notice:

Position description:
Requirement: Record of formal schooling of above of technical secondary school, can hard-working, have vehicle, the person that have business experience or married lady are first

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