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Firewood proposes a toast 7 practices that prevent answer in management
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Firewood proposes a toast management is a very complex issue, if appear not proper of measure of a few government, what may affect labor-capital relations is stable.

1, firewood fulfil level under market level.

The firewood fulfil level on the market is the main factor that affects level of company fuel fulfil. If the firewood of an enterprise oneself proposes a toast level under market level, the working requirement that is like taller welfare, advantage without the measure that closes suitably to it again at the same time, charming groom the opportunity, avoid personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year very hard, direct or indirect ground affects the economic benefits of the enterprise and development cause.

2, hold firewood is unjust, did not accomplish equal pay for equal work.

If appeared to differ with labour in the enterprise,propose a toast, think oneself may be reduced oneself investment by the employee of unfair treatment, lower rate hard, abdication is development below extreme circumstance. If this is an average employee, the loss that his practice causes to the enterprise is potential too won't big, but the fame that is a company likely is damaged. If this is a first-class staff or it is a senior officer, his negative operating conditions is spent, it is abdication leaves even, the loss that causes to the enterprise will not small.

3, uneven allocation of work, manpower resource is applied undeserved.

If an enterprise is medium, some employee from morning till night are so busy that some employee from morning till night do not have even the opportunity that breath, some employee can be done without the thing however, drink tea to chat, its firewood proposes a toast administrative system affirms existence problem. If things go on like this, the employee of this company will be complaint bellyful, cause interior not to unite, influence morale.

4, employee of basic level of far outclass of fulfil of administrative layer firewood.

If appear this kind of circumstance, the main able person of the enterprise namely basic level employee and the concern that run a layer are distant even become rigid, mood of basic level employee is low, morale drops, whole company will be answered appear inanimate situation.

5, move firewood without basis performance, or performance reviews nuclear injustice.

Be without base area to move firewood at will, or performance evaluates inequity, can bring about company staff propose a toast to the firewood of the enterprise the system generates suspicion, down to is malcontent.

6, compensation pulls delayed action to put, computation often gives a mistake.

Do not extend on time compensation, compensation computation often makes mistake, can bring about employee generate question to the credence of the company, make company reputation suffers a loss probably, also may be outside investor loses confidence to this enterprise.
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