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Webpage art design and animation are made
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Limited company of science and technology of Hainan couplet develop
Communication address: Road of hill of the five fingers of city of Hainan province big talk edifice of 6 bright phearl 1201 rooms
Zip code: 570203
Phone: 0898-65355506-
Fax: - -
Company website: Www.liantuo.cn

Position of invite applications for a job: Webpage art design and animation are made
Position number: 112848
Date of invite applications for a job: Branch of invite applications for a job of 2008-09-27 ~ 2008-12-27: Do not be restricted
Contact: Workplace of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman: Hainan visits big talk town
Connect a telephone call: Close to see about, decline incoming telegram fax:
Email: (send intent of to apply for a job through the system please)
Number of invite applications for a job: 2 people record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Working fixed number of year: Do not be restricted sexual requirement: Do not be restricted
Age requirement: 18 years old arrive 60 years old
Interview notice: The need when interview takes good resume

Position description:
1, experience of work of a year of above.
2, adroitness control webpage designs relevant tool, design ability is outstanding, color feels better, originality design capability is strong.
3, have mature work, responsibility heart is strong, have group mind.
4, the person that stronger animation makes a standard is preferential.
The detail logs onto Www.liantuo.cn please, or take resume to come to my company directly interview

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