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Former He Gao of cost of to apply for a job
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What does cost of to apply for a job have?  

This is the Fudan University that is about to graduate some institute, the equipment cost that 4 classmates of same dormitory cost for place of him to apply for a job (see) issueing a list:  

The cost of these 4 classmates did not involve public relations cost, unreasonable collect fees and penalty due to breach of contract. And an investigation that the Zhejiang before this saves town of peaceful wave city to move a team to undertake shows, zhejiang has the student of 14.9% in the graduate of peaceful wave university, cost of average per capita holds relation ” in the palm 668.37 yuan in “ . Investigation chief says: “ actual outclass this, because some of classmate is not willing to disclose this respect cost, or not clear parent spent how many money. The student pay that ” has 8% additionally crosses “ penalty due to breach of contract and other collect fees ” , defray of average per capita 345 yuan.  

Attend invite applications for a job to meet with respect to the student and character, every student attends two above at least, the charge such as duplicate of data of the traffic of nonlocal student, board and lodging, entrance ticket, to apply for a job wants 2000 yuan of above at least, the extra burden that brushstroke does not poor is for this student to impoverished area.  

The appearance of information asymmetry break a contact that create, also let graduate have bitter taste. A modern other people sheds the discovery after professional undergraduate students enters a state-owned and large supermarket, coequal educational level and the branch salesman that professional one renown man student was here to be become unexpectedly 3 years. She wants a person, the unit opens the penalty due to breach of contract that give is 50 thousand yuan.   

He Gao of predestined relationship of cost of to apply for a job

Is to apply for a job cost why so tall? This problem and obtain employment situation and idea of choose course of study are linked together cheek by jowl. The progressively development that teachs as the countryman develops, undergraduate obtain employment of China sends ” to turn into from “ allocation already ” of “ two-way choice. Subsequently and amalgamative, incognito ” , “ teachs college of the ” of action of “ college enlarge that come, “ industrialization ” , make market of undergraduate obtain employment gradually good and evil people mixed up, “ of obtain employment personnel every years old of year old annual person is different ” , but obtain employment pressure is “ spend similar ” year old years old year after year. In this market with not complete information, want to show itself, ego is packed is the undergraduate promotes his most immediate step it seems that.  

Next, development of our country area is lopsided, cause graduate to choose centrally to be in quite the eastpart part that has fine exceedingly to put environment and high return rate 9 province obtain employment. The phenomenon that ” flies to southeast peacock of this kind of “ more caused jam of market of obtain employment of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, spic, not enough to satify everyone, when the river rises the boat goes up too of certainly will of cost of to apply for a job.  
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