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Limited company of Hainan house service going abroad (international teachs to study abroad in Hainan service center)
Company dimensions: 20-49 person
Company property: Demesne enterprise
Company industry: Professional service (advisory · money is met · law)

Hire: Net of systematic manager · is in charge of
Means of invite applications for a job: Pluralistic workplace: Big talk
Lowermost record of formal schooling asks: Undergraduate course major asks: Do not be restricted
Foreign language requirement: Do not be restricted sexual requirement: Do not be restricted
Age requirement: Do not be restricted to work experience: A year of above
Pay level: Number of 500 yuan of the following invite applications for a job: 1 person
Date of expiration of invite applications for a job: 2008-10-31

Position description

Position requirement: 1, 35 years old the following, above of professional undergraduate course learns related the computer all previous, 1 year above network system safeguards administrative experience;
2, have systematic manager capacity, perfectness Windows2000, 2003 operating systems, be familiar with the configuration of Exchange mail server, be familiar with the method that the enterprise gases defence and technology;
3, perfectness network technology, the configuration of the network equipment such as firewall of familiar Router, Switch, PIX, VPN, of familiar VLAN differentiate;
4, familiar Web server is safeguarded, of familiar.net platform build, perfectness SQLServer database is safeguarded;
5, have good communication and harmonious capacity, those who have height respect course of study, good group collaboration mind and study ability;
6, the person that have MCSE or CCNP letter is preferential.

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