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Root of the problem of hotel personnel and the future development of online rec
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We see the emergence of the Internet, but ten years time, but the pace of development very quickly, especially in our country, the speed is amazing. Let us first look at a group of data, according to CNNIC statistics, 2001 , China's Internet population is only 33.7 million, a decade later, the number of Internet users do now? 420 million! This figure makes China the number of Internet users has surpassed the United States, now ranks first in the world. The popularity of this more rapidly we have created a new lifestyle. Online shopping, microblogging, SNS, probably today, I just random graffiti on the network of a few can be tomorrow, but I have become U.S. "Time" week Journal of the man; possible B2B Yesterday, we do not know what is the concept, but today the Internet has been a large number of co- operation with customers. This sounds like a myth, but on a daily basis can be. So, for the recruitment of our hotel, the Internet brings, what change? Traditional recruitment, mainly in newspapers, advertising, job fairs, acquaintances, etc. mainly, it is very effective in the past, but now, the effectiveness of these recruitment methods have reached marginal, it is difficult in the original base Basis to achieve a breakthrough. Shortage of human resources for the growing, while traditional recruitment can not meet demand for talent, we independently developed the "Job Link system." Network recruitment, campus recruitment, on-site Job fairs, recruitment and other online and offline media, rich in form and hotel search, MAP personnel evaluation, including a full range of professional human resources services, forming the whole hotel and catering enterprise human resource recruitment solution to help Hotel and catering recruitment businesses control costs, streamline the recruitment process, improve the success rate of recruitment. Currently, the best the East has been successful for frontline service delivery personnel 682,000 enterprises, of which 150,000 graduates and interns, strokes Success rate of 84.10% employed, the institutions cooperate with the success rate of 80.10% the hotel. It can be seen in today this new situation, the online recruitment industry, our hotel is undoubtedly the key to solving the problem of talent. First, the rapid development of online recruitment In fact, with the popularity of the Internet, many people have realized this, more and more employers and job seekers have begun to shift attention to the front of the computer screen. According to statistics, about 20 million worldwide on a daily Business value of information released about 3,000 people send your resume on the Internet. The birthplace of the Internet the United States, over 50% of average people who change jobs through the Internet. According to "Fortune" Statistics, Global 500 company 88% of the Division use the network to recruit staff. In recent years, online recruitment has also been developing rapidly, IResearch statistics show that in 2009 the number of Chinese online job seekers to 6500 million, representing growth of 30.0% in 2008. Is expected to surpass 2013 8000 million. In the employers, the number of employers using online recruitment to 810,000, representing an increase of 35.0% in 2008, 2013, the number of employer online recruitment in China will exceed 200 thousand. Look at the case of the hotel industry in 2009, published in the best resumes of job seekers Orient number reached 920,000, representing growth of 15.0% in 2008. In the employers, our recruitment through corporate membership to 11,000 44.0% increase over 2008. Thus, no matter what else the hotel industry or other industries, online recruitment has become a trend in recent years of development is extremely rapid, and prospects are also very Light and spacious. Second, the future direction of online recruitment So there will be recruitment network evolution of how to do? Please allow me to make such a few predictions. First, from comprehensive to professional. Here I would like to stress two words - "professional." Today, many online job sites such as the countless, very rapid development momentum. But a little observation you can find such a phenomenon - Comprehensive job site occupation of large tracts of country, but less professional class, but Our hotel, the "Weak water three thousand", in fact, we "just take poured." Hotel does not have a high threshold, there is a series of invisible special requirements. The Comprehensive recruitment site even though he's very large talent pool However, many hotels still willing to choose the best of our Eastern Zhaopin or not the worry that future, and why? Is because we know more about the hotel than they, know better the hotel, from the set to resume screening and all Recruitment and tourism product development and even cooperation between institutions, are carried out for the hotel, therefore, are gathered in the best oriental job seekers interested in the hotel or the hotel industry's human resources workers. In other words, we know who is more suitable for front desk manager, who is more suited to the Finance Director. Because we have this invisible tacit understanding between the hotel, the success rate of our cooperation in order to maintain a high standard. Second, from the vertical line sites to send. Many people think that the traditional recruitment model line is very difficult to recruit to integration with the network but I can tell you, not take long to realize that our best line of the East Combination of on line, we will send the traditional and online recruitment services together, thus creating a new recruitment, training, dispatch of diversity and unity of the model, Just think, if the dispatch and the best combining the East, then what happens? The traditional mode of recruitment is essentially a SITPA to go through several stages so the search (Serach) - Audit (Audit) - Interview (Interview) - Training (training) - the trial (probation) - Appointment (Appointment), but now this model will be simplified model for the SPA, which is the search (Serach) trial (Probation) - Appointment (Appointing). This will be a disruptive change. Specifically, our best Oriental is a sending agencies, then we will send staff to the hotel hotel needs to work directly with our employees at this time to sign labor contracts between the hotel and he is just a simple human relations, hotel only Responsible for the daily management of some of the remaining issues resolved by us, so that not only removed from the hotel recruitment problems, it omitted a lot of red tape. It should be mentioned that, I said, a temporary staffing agencies and temporary staffing agencies ordinary different, it is not a pure talent agency, which is a web-based recruitment of a temporary staffing agency. The dispatch Foundation is the talent pool, all of the talent pool by sending personnel out. Library is also a training base of talent, but also a starting point for career planning, on the one hand, it is the major institutions and other channels from the introduction of appropriate personnel, as Many have thought that the hotel development, but could not find a suitable hotel personnel to provide a good starting point; the other hand, the introduction of the talents of professional hotel skills training, and then according to the hotel need to send personnel Sent to the hotel, and such people into the hotel after work can be related directly to achieve "the trick is to use." Then say the least, if people transfer the skills but is still off because of other reasons can not do hotel work , Then the talent pool available to be replaced, while those who failed to return back to our talent pool, put through the training again to send. In this way not only do not delay the hotel's labor, but also to some extent reduce the brain Loss, can serve several purposes. Second, the social networking site popular recruitment platform. Needless to say we all know, the quickest and most effective method of recruitment is actually the most simple - acquaintances. So where acquaintances gathered it? Thus, in thinking Examination of this problem, we see the development in full swing in recent years, the SNS, which for college students in the institutions is probably familiar things. SNS has accumulated a great deal of popularity, there is a popular place Market, there is a market area can be "the net"; saying goes, "What kind of bird has a big woods," so many people place, certainly there on the job requirements. However, the particular person for the construction of the hotel is very SNS Less, for which we have developed the first Chinese hotel industry, workplace social platform for real-name system - Main points • blue. Less than a year, the community gathered together a large number of popular, long-line activities to reach ten thousand people. Recruitment site with a single different point of blue in a unique step network of resources, and such contacts have a strong adhesive, which gathered a large number of hotels and many job seekers interested in the hotel, of course, there are HR or hunting Head. The most important step is the information on the blue point is true of, HR can fully understand a candidate all of the information, including what kind of character he is, what kind of friends are all cross-glance, which will undoubtedly help Assistant HR objectives are more efficient screening of applicants. For example, I step up points • Joe Yi blue blog personal blog, then in my main page will show links to my friends, many of which naturally lack the hotel industry friends, then there will be for the hotel Talents Search to come to 'feed'. Another example, a Chinese blog on the club's general manager of the hotel industry circle, then find the hotel manager, will be harvested here. Visible, SNS recruitment or promising, but from a survey IResearch also showed that compared with the traditional CV style recruitment, interpersonal networks through the recruitment of docking a higher success rate, the proportion of the two At 2:8 or so. SNS development from a global point of view, in the first entertainment platform, SNS series of focus on the business model is rapidly rising, American professional social network LinkedIn's market valuation has more than 10 Billion U.S. dollars, German business social networking site line network (XING) has public financing over 100 million euros. Of course, the present form of view, a step point Blue still in the optimization stage, away from the formal recruitment to achieve the community will take some time, but it certainly is a combination of online recruitment with the SNS will definitely be a good choice, I believe this new method of recruitment for the hotel industry to solve our problems provide new opportunities for talent.