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Resume makes special subject chair
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Graduate: Resume composes a lecture


1, resume pattern plate

2, of resume write a law

3, the problem that resume should note

Resume pattern plate

Full name: ×××
Sexual distinction: Male company phone: ×××××××××
Give unripe date: 19×× year phone of family of day of ×× month ×× : ×××××××××
Address: Some saves mobile phone of Xxxx# of institute of profession of science and technology: ×××××××××
Postcode: ×××
Intent of to apply for a job: Sell a director

The job experiences summary
Special have deep love for the market to sell the work, having very full poineering intense emotion. Much practice experience and client natural resources were accumulated in be engaged in market of pottery and porcelain two years selling the work. Established very close connection with agency of provincial and main more than 20 pottery and porcelain, have extensive business relation in the industry. Signed abroad order form first for the company on the fair of pottery and porcelain that some visited last year. Can unite oneself colleague obtains outstanding sale outstanding achievement together.

Working experience
2××× year in May — up to now: Hold the position of the market department clerk of some porcelain company.
Basically be in charge of what sign distribute contract, conduction product with agency packing, carry, the product after settle accounts of safe, payment for goods, carry out dogs, market feedback and develop new sale channel to wait. Of responsible corporation new clerk groom, specific in real work guidance and the sale that coordinate a clerk work, get for many times of the company praise.

In December 1999- - in May 2000: In the member that ××× company does market research. Basically be in charge of extracting the opinion to the product to the client with phone form, fill in to express sheet accordingly to turn the newspaper gives a company.

Educational experience
In September 1996 —1999 year some saved economy of international of institute of profession of science and technology and record of formal schooling of commerce major three-year institution of higher learning in July. In school hold the position of student cadre all the time, the job is serious and responsible, study result is outstanding, be judged to be outstanding student cadre by the institute for many times, preeminent group works, individual example.

What win award
1999/06 such-and-such institute is outstanding student cadre title
Preeminent group does 1998/10 such-and-such institute, individual example title
1997/10 such-and-such institute is outstanding round dry title

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