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Resume, the first a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it
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Famous transnational corporation inside big company places booth to establish a point in each college in succession, start shooting new round of talent contends for big fight.
Enter a life as China, more and more transnational corporation are grabbing the Chinese market with huge beach. They are wide accept talent, bring brand-new manpower resource concept, pounding us strongly.  
The reporter is in the discovery when a few colleges interview Beijing University, National People's Congress, Tsinghua: The transnational corporation such as IBM did not establish special performance invite applications for a job to meet,
Many “ companies keep away from meet, ask to see resume first however, resume has become the first a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success of to apply for a job. ”
Love vice president of department of resource of manpower establishing a letter to pointing to the resume that forms a pile on the desk to laughing to say, unit of choose and employ persons grabbed graduate gold season to come to the college, almost each transnational corporation received the resume like snowflake and letter of to apply for a job.
She browses at the same time resume, at the same time winkle the sentence of lyric ” of a few “ : “ gives me a fulcrum, ” of the earth since my general prize, “ lets ” of our stand together regardless of situation, “ give me a chance, I can return your surprise ”……
If “ is stirred so, when loving like Tan Lian, meet to rush to profession disgustingly for the first time, the result can be just the opposite to what one wished only. ”
She says: The resume with good “ , purpose sex is ambitious, what does unit of choose and employ persons need, what do you offer; To your functionary requirement, state should concise smooth fact is strong, the language wants clarity, logic is ambitious. These are main demands. You still should be an a person with high aspirations and determination, be aimed at the characteristic of unit of invite applications for a job and requirement, ’ of ‘ act according to actual circumstances is tailor-made a resume, show you are mixed to the attention of unit of choose and employ persons have deep love for. The letter of to apply for a job of a lot of people resembles an archives, machine-made, send which unit to need to change an appellation to go only, the company utterly ignorant that lets a person feel his correspondence is hired, sincere desire is insufficient, nature is very easy by close the door on. ”Lab of China person of outstanding ability
The reporter is in male crouch whole world 500 strong the 165th, building materials Ge Ban group interviews the 100 strong emperor of first, chen Meicheng of director of square manpower resource is opposite in this has the same feeling greatly.
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