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To apply for a job is successful 8 go greatly regular: Often refresh resume
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The trade secret that founding member of industry of invite applications for a job of network of a China reveals is below, with proposal of the person that the angle of manager of business ways of the world comes to to apply for a job.

(1) resume wants with big company relevant

When human affairs manager searchs a talent, general meeting with ” of name of position of + of name of well-known company of key word “ , for instance consumable industry may like the person of Coke Cola and Bao Jie, human affairs classics pays attention to such searches, for example: Selling manager ” of + of “ Coke Cola, the system is met search

To the person that the to apply for a job of above key word appears in resume, if the model of written characters of well-known company name appears in your resume, can be gone to by the search, for example: “ I work in company of Xx mineral water, the day that makes competitor —— Coke Cola successfully subordinate and ground mineral water reduce ……” in market share of place: I am in “ the agency of division of Guangzhou white cloud of Coke Cola works ” .

Raised human affairs manager to scan the opportunity of resume again!

(2) often refresh resume

When human affairs manager searchs a talent, the resume that accords with a condition is to press the time of refresh to be arranged orderly, and can look only commonly in front 9 pages. A lot of to apply for a job person do not know refresh resume can gain opportunity of more to apply for a job actually. Because this is landed every time, best refresh resume, after refresh, can discharge advanced face, be found more easily by human affairs manager!

(3) is not applied for only recently position of 3 days

General to apply for a job person the information of newest invite applications for a job that thinks to just be released is successful rate is the oldest for certain, actually otherwise. Because manager of ways of the world of a lot of businesses does not have the seasonable post that lands refresh to publish, duty of place in an attempt to person the position of firm when searching position refresh can discharge advanced face, the person that these position apply for is much, competition is big, contrary, a few position had been half month even of two months, the person that apply for is little, successful rate is high instead.

(The post that 4) yields you is in forever foremost face

You should know everyday mailbox of the person that human affairs manager sees to apply for a job, they are very lazy actually, before they view postal matter of resume of 100 much pages only at most 5 pages! You should know now why resume of your to apply for a job does not have a response forever!

When sending the mailbox that mail appoints to the enterprise so, the post that how can just yield you is discharged forever in foremost face, let human affairs manager open mailbox to see your postal matter above all every time? Before wanting to sending mail only, the date that the date instead computer system will come to, be like 2008, because mostly mailbox is to acquiesce to press mail date sort, so your mail at least just should be met later to 2008 be by the platoon from the back!
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