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Resume is to apply for a job person of the life, study, job, experience, achievement wraparound. It is very important to write good resume. One fits position requirement, full and accurate and print orderly resume to gain the opportunity with interview of the unit that recruit effectively. Resume is sent alone rarely commonly, it always regards offer one's services as the accessory of the letter, show send choose and employ persons the unit.
(1) the format of resume.
General and commonly used resume format has two kinds. One kind is to press days order, list oneself study job is experienced. Another kind is experience of the study that gives his according to needing to be listed selectively, work, the skill of sufficient project oneself, moral character. But to the to apply for a job that just graduated from the university person for, it is better to use the first kind of form.
(2) the main content of resume.
Generally speaking, resume should include 4 shares.
The first part is an individual fundamental condition, should list appearance of oneself full name, sexual distinction, age, native place, politics, school, department does not reach major, marital status, healthy state, height, hobby and interest, home address, telephone number.
The 2nd part is circumstance of record of formal schooling. Should mention expressly to ever learned in such-and-such school, such-and-such major or course, and case during stopping, listed place learns main course and study result, in the school and the post that class holds the position of, in all sorts of award that win during school and honor.
The 3rd part is circumstance of working qualifications and record of service. If have working experience, had better state in detail, list above all recent data, expatiatory Ceng Gong makes property of unit, date, position, job after.
The 4th part is intent of to apply for a job. Namely target of to apply for a job or the working position that the individual expects, show you hope to get what kind of type of work, post through to apply for a job, and your struggling target, can wait with individual specialty close write together.

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