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Guideline of resume of 21 centuries graduate
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These two days, annual series college invite applications for a job can open gong again, regard an university as graduate, you need to remember well most, that is " the world does not have a thief " in the axiom of wicked head: 21 century most those who be short of is a talent.

Nevertheless, obtain employment situation also is not too hopeful, allegedly Guangdong college graduate is amounted to this year 270 thousand, a horse that covers a thousand li a day is competed for, resume comes like wave, bai Leru why eyesight of put to good use? At present has a report to say, ” of affusion of undergraduate resume “ is too much nowadays, invite applications for a job can turn “ into torturous meeting ” .

In view of this, what oneself make is history on the most callous graduate resume reads a guideline, for each country look forward to, civilian look forward to, career, inside and outside human affairs of HR(of unit of first class of solely invested, joint-stock, hunt) relevant controller and cast resume personage to consult.

One, not was necessary to tear open the resume that reads paper of more than 3 pages, reach the PPT edition resume of more than 3 P. Unless believe in with chocolate (friendship reminds: ? of emperor of secondary Li of  of ǎ of シ of Xing paper snipe, unless PPT Li Youqing is cool,illuminate. Resume imprints so that resemble the dish card of cafeteria of 5 stars class, are excuse me you to want to I order dishes or make fun of treasure?

2, can see electronic edition be not used. Some words are more beautiful, or the applicant with design stronger capability, or like the draft that place paper, did not use, you do not know, should be traditional media replaced by new media? Human affairs manager people see need is careful reading paper stalks of grain with respect to the head big, receive very thick very heavy resume very yearn be thrown in paper basket, look because of this kind of resume more precious, human affairs people suffer conscience torment even additionally, pretend more likely to be confiscated so, do not look directly.

3, the case that applicant introduces him is indispensible, but does unapt everybody says he is a monitor or the student organize a head? Did present campus arrive really does every student have the situation of an organism honor? I do not believe!

4, applicant claims the ability before oneself trainee limit obtained Yang Zhiyuan of such as Yahoo or Gates of the • that compare Er to did not leave school, and claim ” of “ expensive unit is like him employ, criterion “ exhibits great plan ” greatly surely. Encounter this kind of applicant, oneself natural movement is: ā of bore with a reamer of  of  of ι of  of  〖 blood clam washing with watercolors

5, even if the decent least of all job on this world, it needs technical content. So, troublesome applicant explain directly in resume, you are able what, you most be good at which kinds of ability.
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