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Model essay of undergraduate self introduction
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Model essay of undergraduate self introduction

×× , on January 24, 1983 morning 11 when be born in Shandong province 15 minutes to not have younger brother head of prefectural small lake presses down a hospital. Be close to with land as a child, with natural sentiment long beyond question. Read student limit with the mother " traditional Chinese pharmacology " with father " store grain pest " inchoative, with biologic become attached to also only then hereat.

Accepted education of lineal foundation of 12 years of China, be apt to of lack of 12 years of cold windows but old. Junior high school enters race of Olympic of middle school biology twice, obtain the first prize that visit an area and special grade award respectively. High school 3 years, in all fairness spelled half an year only, with reduce weight 8000 grams changed a piece to always distribute the report of the university entrance exam of 623. The one antrum that cherishs pair of biology is enthusiastic, prevail over all dissenting views entered oneself for an examination institute of science of Shandong university life, be admitted.

Enter a college, the opens freely the tower of ivory in discovering ideal still Yao cannot be reached, but if Qiu gets slimy ” ,had been “ to me. Although be compared with middle school photograph, curricular burden is more than increased times beyond, but I prefer this kind of business. The education of fundamental class, should not calculate on ideal, I think this is the common fault of domestic most university. Nevertheless, the appeal of curricular itself, be more than my dissatisfaction to education means far. Although was not being taken all outstanding, but also be pass smoothly. English takes below 4 step easily 6 class, also be like a pony to cross a river, not be thing of an unusual bloodcurdling.

Finishing those who learn the job smoothly, outside reading became my the largest interest, 3 years a money that the province left others to drink coffee is total bought a book. 01 years of Beijing, 2 years of Shanghai, trade the fund in purse into the book in more contented satchel every time. Up to now, the three-layer bookshelf of the head of a bed is all and crowded all sorts of biology reader, be made fun of to call biology of hill big library to divide a house by the classmate. To know extent of science and technology in time especially the trends of biologic bound, all sorts of magazines became my biggest dabble to taste, " SCIENCE " " NATURE " a thousand pieces of gold is begged hard, " SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN " Chinese edition comes 3 years first phase is short of.

Be in the school, lab of the largest Elysian nothing is more... than, although fundamental experiment became put in order,labour science gives birth to the weeking that denounces most. Although cannot complete control accuses an experiment, but I strive to beg change, the idea that sees oneself is confirmed or be denied, it is an amusement really. when the propinquity with land and ” of be in hospital of ten years of “ (Live In THE Hospital) the life lets me operate itself to have experience quite to the experiment. Especially animal experiment, what be made search “ to establish the ground ” of the needle on the bunny ear that pricks full earhole by the classmate often is me. Come 3 years, ten tests subject, door door is outstanding, often make experimental companion's lazy argument, this also is a good memory in university years.
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