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Is your professional interest cycle how long?
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 Find new job: Your professional interest cycle has how long

“ is medium ” of firewood a group of things with common features is to show the age is in 25—35 year old between, monthly pay 5000—8000 yuan and find new job frequency is tall, find new job a flock of people with strong desire. They have record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above mostly, make experience 2 years with go to work, very not satisfactory to current working condition. The industry waits in IT electron communication, house property, high-tech (land professional information library, understanding occupational is detailed information) , “ is medium amount of ” of firewood a group of things with common features especially much. “ is medium a group that ” of firewood a group of things with common features is awkwardness, firewood fulfil says tall, say low, they break through yearly salary of impact of “ bottleneck ” very hard the high pay of 100 thousand yuan of above a group of things with common features team, but must ground of ” of “ risk one's life needlessly works, more moment is appropriative mental work machine.

“ is medium ” of firewood a group of things with common features has good educational background and certain working experience, relative to the duty field person at other arrangement of ideas for, they have more choice opportunities. Their both neither resembles high pay a group of things with common features needing to be in in that way authority, the respect such as circle of arteries and veins of working environment, person has balance, compare rock-bottom employee again more valuable, all these created a condition for “ flow ” , become the target that digs horn constantly. An investigation makes clear, between the industry of a few high liquidity, wait like IT, advertisement, advisory course of study, in of firewood estate find new job scale exceeds 20% , realize position very easily to promote through finding new job.

But, “ is medium ” of firewood a group of things with common features is finding new job cycle of interest of profession of occurrence “ of the meeting in the process shortens disease ” . According to investigation, the professional that has 70% finds new job frequent, work on average on a post most 2 years, more it is to was in a company not to stay 1 year to be able to plan development additionally. They find new job to often value the breakthrough on firewood fulfil more, and ignored individual profession to develop a space. For instance, a content sheds company monthly pay 8000 yuan client manager, find new job to detect to some attestation the orgnaization holds the position of client manager, firewood proposes a toast promotion goes to 12000 yuan, find new job again greatly as a result of actuating pressure after a year, but because do not have experience,right now smooth profession develops, professional competition ability glides somewhat, although return original trade work, also can take 8000 yuan of lower even firewood fulfil only. This shows, “ is medium if ” of firewood a group of things with common features seeks high pay blindly, the barrier that duty field develops is brought because of this kind of state of mind possibly in any industries, be washed out in leaving competition one round even. Accordingly, firewood estate faces cycle of “ profession interest to shorten in when disease ” problem, need makes clear first before find new job the problem of tripartite face: The professional program; that should make clear oneself 2 want balance to jump to concern with the interest that does not jump; 3 should choose to find new job dovishly means.
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